Discretionary Management

Investment decisions are delegated to Mecta Capital with a discretionary management mandate. Mecta Capital is in charge of investing according to customer’s requirements, risk profile and suitable strategy. Mecta Capital makes sure to regularly inform and update its customers about the performance of their portfolio and any material change in the allocation.

Advisory Management

For customers that wish to hold full control over their investment, Mecta Capital provides investment recommendations based on the customer’s profile.

Transactional Advisory

For customers who are solely interested in accessing specific strategies or selected fund managers that we introduce through our network, this service is provided on a deal-by-deal basis.

Creating Tailored Solution

Investment approach based upon

building a framework that reflects

your specific objectives.

Building wealth for the long-term,

growing and guarding assets through

strategic asset allocation and

disciplined due diligence.

Your advisor will work with you to

address the full range of your

investment goals, which may include

1. Growth
2. Income Requirements
3. Tax Considerations
4. Risk Tolerance
5. Investment Time Horizon
6. Liquidity Requirements

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Our Services


Develops an understanding of your long-term vision, accessing current situation and feature goals. A plan is then created to help you reach your goals, monitoring it and making changes as needed.


Whether you wish to leave a legacy to heirs or organisation, Mecta Capital helps developing a long term strategy while ensuring your assets are passed according to your wishes with tax efficiency.


A team of investment professionals provide insight to design an investment strategy that helps you accomplishing your goals while assisting on mitigating risk and tax optimisation.

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